Day 6 - modifying workouts and time to myself

Wednesday, Day 6 - a broken toe ain’t going to stop me doing a workout today! I just need to modify things a bit, so the week 2 circuit is loads of glut and legs work and the only issue there is the flexing of my toes in lunging movements. There was a clock lunge but instead I used the fact we have a little stair case into our kitchen platform here so I did a side step up as a replacement and made sure I was really working through the top leg instead of pushing off my bottom foot (which is a cheat). The last exercise is a walking lunge with forward reach - I modified this by resting my back foot on the top of my toe as I reach forwards instead of flexing my toes which seemed to work fine.

So here's the exercises:
Sumo squat
Clock lunge/side step up on stairs
All 4s superman to elbow/knee touch
Glute bridge (up/down, no hold)
Walking lunge with floor touch


My husband had taken the kids off exploring some trail around the woods beside our yurt so as well as getting dressed I had 20 minutes to do a workout. I got all 3 rounds in and then did about 5-10 minutes of simple Pilates core work and stretching - see the stretches above, I just did those again (very carefully!).