Hi, welcome to my studio in the heart of Hassocks, West Sussex.  I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher with a small, welcoming equipment studio, also running mat classes each week.  I look forward to you joining a class any time that will suit you, so please do get in touch with the form below or by emailing or calling me on the info at the bottom of the page.

My Teaching Ethos:

My life and work experience has led me to be have good empathy, understanding and knowledge of those clients who experience some pain, either as a result of long-standing injury or acute trauma and I have worked closely with physios, osteopaths and other manual therapists to enable a good outcome through movement and manual work together.  

My main area of interest both personally and professionally is with the post-natal client, however this knowledge is also relevant for clients who have never had children, especially into peri-menopause and menopause onwards, and those men who are having issues through mid-life (this is in regards to pelvic floor function, posture changes, low back pain, shoulder and neck issues). As a mother to 2 children myself I have direct experience with the debilitating changes to body function, posture, energy, and your ability to portion time to yourself for rehabilitation.  I also have experience of long-standing issues with abdominal separation and a challenging recovery from my 2nd birth, if you are experiencing the same, I know where you are coming from and I can help.

I focus to begin with on each client having a greater understanding of where they are now, what might have led them to this point, and the basics of breath, posture and simple daily movements which have a profound effect on managing pain and improving body function/efficiency.  As we progress through the classes you attend we will develop more skills and deeper understanding of how to use your body so that all you do in life becomes stronger, more efficient and more dynamic.  Pilates should be thought of as the strong, functional base for daily life and any sports or tasks you want to be able to do with greater strength and stability.

My Education & Work Experience:

2003 Sports Massage Therapist - London School of Sports Massage

2003 - 2005 worked self-employed as a Sports Massage Therapist in London in gyms and also in a physiotherapy practice - The Practice, Notting Hill

2005 Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training - Polestar Pilates UK

2005 - 2010 Worked in 2 Pilates studio directed by physiotherapists - The Practice, Notting Hill and Little Venice Pilates studio.

2005 onwards many professional development qualifications and courses on manual work, and pilates teaching

2010 to 2012 maternity leave

2015 Polestar Pilates Matwork Teacher Training 

2012 - 2016 cover work and part time in previous pilates studios

2016/2017 2 levels of Matwork Training - Garuda Pilates, London

2016 - moved to Hassocks, set up mat classes and developed client base in the village

2017 MovNat Functional Movement Training Level 1

2017 Suspension Training and Kettlebell Personal Training qualifications

2017 - refurbished and developed my garage into a studio and opened “The Movement Garage”

2018 - completed an intensive and thorough 12 week, 250 hour training with Internationally renowned post-natal physiotherapy expert, Dr Sarah Duvall titled: “Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist” 

2018 Further professional development:

    Springboard Training, Cobham

    Complete Wunda Chair Workshop, Kent

    Progressive Reformer, Cobham

    Brick Matwork, Garuda, London

    Resistance Band Workshop, Garuda, London


To Be Continued … pilates and movement are my passion and learning is a lifelong experience!

My Mission:

To get all my clients loving the way they move, feeling the potential in their bodies and exploring how they can get stronger, stay strong and love movement even more.