Day 5 - workout out how to walk with a broken toe!

Tuesday, Day 5 - You'd think this would make everyone realise that I needed to do something very calm and with my feet up the next day, but no of course not!! A beautiful weather day, and my husband itching to get up to the mountains, so I rationalised it as we had over an hours drive there (rest with foot up), we chose a walk supposed to be 45 mins and “practically flat” so I should be able to control the amount my toe moved to keep it still. Of course it turned out that we missed the turning for the flat walk and went off down a steep hill and did a walk that ended up as about 2 hours!! I just took it slow and was very considered on how much I was compensating in the rest of my body and how I could walk without stressing the hurt joint.  I certainly needed that restful drive home afterwards, and we stopped at a beautiful cold river halfway to have a super refreshing swim - as you can see in the photo, rest, ice and elevation all in one go!!

No specific workout that day but the mindfulness I needed to put in to walking and moving around was enough for me!