1-1 Coaching for post-natal women of ANY stage to rehab, recover, and release you back to freedom of movement.


I 100% recommend this to anybody. I really enjoyed the work each week, it was a properly holistic programme which is brilliant. You never made me feel guilty, and now I have the tools to be able to understand that all the muscles work together which I’ve applied to the stuff that I do every day, and I can see how I can keep it going.
— Chloe, Mum to 4 year old and 6 month old

I know you need support

I understand the challenges you face

I believe you deserve to live in a body you have complete confidence in.


Love Movement Post-Natal was designed for every woman who has EVER carried a baby - that means even if you had your "baby" 20 years ago!  Do you align with these feelings, all real quotes from current clients:

  • "I feel weak in my centre, just a bit wobbly all over"

  • "I feel exposed in my pelvic floor when I'm in a deep squat or on the floor - I don't like that feeling"

  • "I just grab anything I can wolf down quickly for breakfast, I'm not the priority"

  • "I'm still leaking when I sneeze or cough 2 years after having my baby"

  • "I keep getting pain that moves around my hips, back, knee, I'm sure it's strength but I don't know what to work on"

  • "I want to be fit, strong and healthy like I was before kids but I'm so tired"

  • "I just eat and drink for comfort and to keep me going, there's no thought going into it"

  • "There's nothing holding me together at the front"

  • "I feel crooked and have lots of back pain"

  • "I feel a bit broken - like I'm 55 not 35!"

You don't have to put up with these feelings

and just hope for the best!

I feel more confident in myself where I felt frumpy and bloated before,
I don’t feel so bad about myself now - I don’t feel so saggy.
— Lizzy, Mum to 4 year old and 10 month old

I will work with your physio, osteopath, personal trainer, coach or therapist who recommends you do some rehab for any baby growing related dysfunction or pain issue. Sometimes this is because they do not have specific post-natal knowledge, and sometimes this is because they have given you some suggestions of areas to strengthen but you need help with complying to the exercise routine, understanding if you are “doing the exercises right” or you feel you’re not making enough progress on your own.

Kathryn’s 1 to 1 sessions are so helpful and insightful. She is the first pilates instructor I have found outside London who has given me confidence that things are going to get better! The weekly studio sessions are very tailored to your own individual needs, you work hard and have good fun! I would recommend to anyone to give it a go and feel the benefits straight away!
— Kristy, Mum to 6 year old and 8 year old

I can work in communication with your manual therapist or coach, discussing progress, adjusting your programme for greater benefit and keeping you in charge of your own management by giving you the best support you need.

Areas of focus:

  • Posture - it sounds like it’s a small matter but aligning your body parts can make a world of difference to pelvic floor, abdominal and back pain issues

  • Breathing - this is a huge area that often doesn’t change post-pregnancy unless you make a change

  • Pelvic Floor rehab - whether you are accidentally leaking, or have trouble control your urge for the loo, we can work together to give you your freedom back

  • Abdominal Diastasis - all women will have some abdominal separation in their pregnancy, but some will still have a certain degree of this 6 months and longer after delivery which can cause issues with low back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and many other joint and muscle issues.

Kathryn is helping me get back into Pilates after having a baby. I’m really enjoying the sessions and would highly recommend her for postnatal work!
— Kath, Mum to 11 month old

PLUS additional knowledge on:

  • Getting good and restful sleep

  • Eating for energy (no diet plans, just easy lifelong changes in habits)

  • Effective lifestyle changes to help you make better use of your body - core especially

  • Mental health, self-care and mindset work to help you feel less drained by what's going on in your head

I loved all the extra knowledge Kathryn had, her sessions felt really nurturing and all so interesting. I used to have stress incontinence and I’ve just realised I haven’t even had to think about it for at least a month now. I’m much more aware of my core like when I’m lifting or carrying. I’m more self aware and the classes give me a fantastic mood boost
— Lana, Mum to a 2 year old
I have changed so many bad habits now, I’m alot more conscious of what I’m doing. The weekly session kept me accountable and because it was gradual it’s been sinking in really well.
— Agata, Mum to 3 year old and 10 month old