Day 12 - A Day of Gratitude

Tuesday, Day 12 - today we went to a nearby lake and had a little swim and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, it really is incredibly beautiful here and we all feel very lucky to be visiting this wonderful area.  The lake was freezing but I didn't want to be the Mum who sits on the beach and just watches so after I had baked enough in the sun to get my lizard blood going I made a great pretence of being perfectly fine about the freezing cold water, thank goodness for the enthusiasm of my husband taking the kids in, but what is it with them wanting to go back in once we are all dry and warm after lunch, don’t they realise that’s snooze in the sun time?

I wasn’t prepared again for doing a morning session but I at least learnt from yesterday and didn’t have a glass of wine before I did my evening training!  While my husband read bedtime stories to the kids I did a good circuit in the dusk, then I had a snuggle with the kids and said goodnight.  I then spent about half an hour - a massive luxury - stretching while watching the little pipistrelle bats flying about catching insects.  Feelings of enormous gratitude for this day of beauty and wonderful places.


Exercises in this evenings circuit were:
1) Curtsy lunge
2) Down dog press up (literally a press up, or bending your elbows, in a down dog position to take the strain off the abs)
3) Bicycle legs with the head down - lean back to bra strap to maintain control
4) Lunge back to jump up with knee raise
5) Sumo squat with touch down then reach up