Which Class is Right for Your Needs?

Below I have described the benefits of each class type to help you understand which would be right for you, however if you still have any questions, please do get in touch.

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1-1 Studio sessions

In a 1-1 session you would obviously be working absolutely to your own pace, needs and goals.  This is right for you if you have an injury, are post-natal and want to be careful of the movement practice you are doing, or if you find a class environment too confusing or distracting.

1-1 Sessions cost £45, or you can do a package of 5 x 1-1 sessions for £43 each (£215).


1-3 Group Studio class

In a small group class in the studio, you will be working on your own goals with your own needs being fully considered.  The studio environment gives your body the support it needs to access certain movements, and also the challenge it needs to strengthen imbalances that need working on.  

Some find a small group class like this a more nurturing environment than a larger class.

Group Studio Classes cost £15 and are always booked on a half term basis.


Group mat class

In mat classes you will work following me through a series of pilates exercises and flowing movements, often starting and finishing in standing so that we integrate pilates with our daily movement lives.  I teach a style called "Garuda" Pilates which is a beautiful blend of classical pilates, yoga and the choreography of dance.  This style really gets in the movements of the spine to strengthen and lengthen and mobilises you through the movements.  Although it can be strong and progressive, it's also entirely possible to always give variations for those who can't quite get there and we will be using small pieces of equipment to challenge and support.

Group Mat Classes cost £10 each and are booked on a half term basis.