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Welcome to my podcast, I’m so excited to share this with you, please share far and wide so these brilliant conversations can be heard by as many as possible.

This is a place to inspire and inform mothers from any stage, and to chat about the trials and tribulations of moving your body after having your kids. I'll be speaking to coaches, instructors, and trainers plus athletes and adventurers who all work with mothers in some way and also happen to be mothers themselves.

This isn't about perfection, standards or achieving, this is a conversation about how to make the best of the rest of our lives through a nourishing relationship with our bodies and minds.

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episode 22: yorkshire rows part 2

Please do check out the previous episode if you haven’t yet so you can hear all about what the 4 brilliant women from Yorkshire Rows are all about about and how they got to the start line of the Atlantic crossing.
In this episode we dive straight into life on board, what it was like and how tough the whole thing really was.
Just to remind you, follow Yorkshire Rows on Instagram: @yorkshirerows
and check out their book here:


episode 19: joanna diplock

“The movement of mothers and why we need to train for life”

In this week’s episode I chat to Jo Diplock from The Motherhood Movement who is a personal trainer and pilates teacher who I noticed from her instagram feed was really the only person who was focussing on the weird and wonderful movements mothers have to do and why it’s so important we train for real life. 
We had a great conversation about the barriers facing mothers getting back to exercise in the right way, rehab strategies for the main issues faced post-fatally and a whole bucket load of advice for getting through those fragile years.
You can find out more about Jo’s work here: 
And follow her on Facebook: 
or Instagram: @the_motherhood_movement
Jo mentioned the book “The Chimp Paradox” by Prof Steve Peters: 
We talked about pelvic health and here are some resources for getting information on any pelvic health condition:


episode 16: misba khan

“Family teamwork got me to the North Pole”

This week I chat to Misba Khan who was the UK representative on the all-female Euro-Arabian expedition to the North Pole in April this year which had a mission to foster greater understanding between women from 11 European and Arabic countries. 
The wider mission was to inspire all women to reach beyond the expectation of others and fulfil their own life ambitions. 
Misba has certainly embodied those mission points, having been the oldest woman on the trip, the only Grandmother and a relative novice when it came to skiing and setting up camp and ended up leading the group on some days, feeding her tent mates each day and becoming the first British Muslim woman to reach the North Pole, plus since she’s returned she has spoken to many, many school children inspiring them and igniting a spark of adventure to those who may think this isn’t within their reach. 
Take a listen to hear us talking about how teamwork amongst her family was crucial to her being able to take a step out of daily life, what she got from rambling and loving the outdoors. 
She’s a brilliant, normal woman from Manchester who took on the challenge to do an extraordinary thing. Please enjoy this episode and let me know what you think. 

The website for the expedition is: 
Misba mentions the Ramblers and you can find a local group on their site 
Keep in touch with Misba and her talks and next journey:
Instagram: @misba_50
Twitter: @MisbaNorthPole
Facebook: @misbakhan (Manchester)


episode 13: sarah gerrish

“Wonderful Wild Women”

In this episode of the podcast I enjoy an evening chat with the co-ordinator of the Wonderful Wild Women network, Sarah Gerrish, trainee architect, fell runner, some time triathlete, oftentimes wild swimmer and general get out and about-er.

I love how humble, unassuming, and gentle Sarah is, I think you can tell she's a super talented and motivated person, and I heard a lovely piece in a short film last weekend at the "SheExtreme" festival which I think describes Sarah pretty well too:
"Our leaders can also be shy, sweet and quiet. Their lack of ego should not let us underestimate their talents or accomplishments."

Here's the links to all the things we chat about:
Wonderful Wild Women: 
You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram with the handle: @wonderfulwildwomen

Sarah mentions:
Vivienne Rickman-Poole: 
Surf Yonder (Sally McGee): 
The Women's Trad Festival: 
Natasha Brooks "BlueHues": 
The Adventure Syndicate (Lee Cragie/Jenny Tough): 
Jenny Tough: 
Nicky Spinks running the "Double Bob Graham" round: 
Gwen Moffat: various books written by her, the most complete is her autobiography "Space Beneath My Feet": 
and the film on her life: 

wendy searle.jpg

episode 10: wendy searle

“I’m not superwoman, we all have the same juggle”

In this final episode of Series 1 of the podcast I'm chatting to Wendy Searle, Mum of 4, civil servant and soon to be polar explorer - yep she's like superwoman but definitely doesn't want to be described as such! She just got the bug for exploring and won't let it go.

In this episode we talk about her juggle with training for her planned Antarctic crossing and her family's needs and how she makes it work, what has got her juiced about her travel plans, and some practical stuff about looking after yourself on the Antarctic ice.
Here are the essential links for the stuff we talk about:
Wendy's adventure: 
and her Instagram acc: @betweensnowandsky or Twitter: @betweensnowsky 
Wendy mentioned an inspiring woman, Hannah McKeand: 

If you are interested in more adventurous women, check out the Women's Adventure Expo on October 5th and 6th 2018: 


episode 7: suzy reading

“Nurture the person you are becoming”

In this week's episode I chat to Clinical Psychologist, yoga teacher and author Suzy Reading. 

This is a gorgeously nourishing one in which we discuss what self-care really means in the real Mum world, how yoga can help you move through and process feelings and emotions, and how Suzy dealt with 2 very traumatic situations in her life.
We mention:
Brene Brown's work: 
Barbara Fredrickson "Love 2.0": 
Martin Seligman: 
Dr Lea Waters: 

You can find out more about Suzy here: 
and follow her on Instagram: @suzyreading


episode 4: jo moseley

“Re-connecting with movement”

In this episode of the podcast I talk to the fabulous Jo Moseley, who is enjoying experimenting with many movements and sports after some time of being unsure and feeling insecure about herself. She started by finding a mission with a higher purpose which opened the doors to more experiences. Take a listen and let chat about all the topics we discuss!

Things we mention:
Anna Kessel's book "Eat, Sweat, Play": 
Juliet McGrattan's book "Sorted": 
The "This Girl Can" campaign: 
The 261 Fearless group: 
The 2 Min Beach Clean group: 

and the inspirations of @amy_abrahams and

Also follow Jo on her Instagram: @healthyhappy50
and you can join her at the Love Trails festival in Gower:


Episode 1: Jessica Adams

“Purposeful Movement

In this first episode of the Mother of All Movement podcast, I'm excited to share with you this chat I had with Jess Adams, Bristol based yoga teacher, doula and dance teacher plus lifelong movement experimenter.
I'm sure you'll agree that her integrity with how movement fits her life is very inspiring, and listening to how movement in many different ways has shaped events in her life has given her a really interesting outlook.

I'm always amazed at the space she allows for exploring her physicality and how its woven into the very definition of everything she does.
You can find more about Jess' classes and work here: 
or in Instagram here: @jess_adams

The books Jess mentions are:
"Women in the Wilderness" by Miriam Lancewood 
and "Dawn Again" by Donega Markegard 

Plus @sophiehellyer and @easkeysurf


episode 23: Anya Hayes

“Motherhood, pelvic floors, birth trauma and self-compassion”

Hurray it’s the start of season 3 with our 23rd episode, and this week I am joined by lovely lady of everything that is compassionate and calm around post-natal wellbeing and pelvic floor health. Anya Hayes is a pilates teacher, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy coach and author of 5 books so far on everything from pregnancy pilates to being or not being a Supermum to postnatal pilates and beyond.

You can connect with Anya on Instagram and Facebook: @mothers.wellness.toolkit

And check out Anya’s website here:

And check out all of Anya’s books on her author page on Amazon here:

Anya mentioned the book “Thrive Through Yoga” by Nicola Jane Hobbs:

We mentioned Suzy Reading:

And Anya also mentioned The Positive Planner Journal:

We hope you enjoyed this episode - please come to Instagram and find me on @love_movement_sussex and let me know what you think and any comments you may have on the topics we discussed.


episode 20: girls alive

“Daring to Give it a Go”

This week’s episode is a sit down with the lovely ladies from Girls Alive, a women’s group in Surrey who encourage those who can to run, bike, swim, hike, whatever gets you going and set challenges, encouraging beginners or really going for the big leagues if you feel the urge. I wanted to chat to them so that we can all hear a conversation amongst other women just like you and me about what motivates and drives them, why taking part in a group is so important, and how “daring to give it a go” is what it’s all about.
I talk at the beginning to Eleanor and Philippa at the beginning and then to various of the other women from the group in the following section. We are in a cafe, having coffee and eating so apologies for the general hubbub noise and the plates clinking etc, I’ve tried my best with the sound to make it as clear as possible but I’m no sound engineer so you’ll have to let me off a bit!
You can find out more about Girls Alive here: 
Or follow them on Instagram: @girlsalive
Or Facebook: @allgirlscanuk
They mention:
Ride London: 
The 3 Peaks Challenge: 
Swim Serpentine: 
And their inspirations:
Dame Kelly Holmes: 
Sophie Raworth: @sophieraworth
Louise Minchin’s “Dare To Tri” book: 


episode 17: le’nise brothers

“Women’s Health, hormones, yoga and wellness”

In this latest episode of the podcast I chat to Nutritional Therapist and recently qualified yoga teacher Le'Nise Brothers who is based in South-West London.

Le'Nise chose to specialise in womens' health following her own experiences growing up with challenging hormonal symptoms and then having her her son and dealing with pregnancy related issues. 
In this episode we talk about the range of hormone issues from starting periods and those essential conversations with kids about what's normal, to preparing for menopause and everything in between. We also go on to chat about easy nutrition, how movement is crucial as a treatment modality, and why the wellness industry needs to step up when it comes to the representation of women.

You can find out more about Le’Nise here: 
You can follow her on Instagram here: @eatlovemove
And you can join her free Facebook group "Embrace Your Hormones" here: 


episode 14: moire o’sullivan

“Adventure racing, mountains & babies”

This week I talk to the totally amazing Irish mountain runner and adventure racer Moire O'Sullivan, who wrote "Mud, Sweat and Tears" and "Bump, Bike and Baby" about her journeys through working out how to keep up her adventure racing both before and after having kids. We talk about the opinions of others around mothers who do these sorts of extreme races, how Moire worked out how to train while looking after her two boys, how she recovered and the support she had.

Find out more about Moire here: 
You can follow her on Instagram: @moire_osullivan
Twitter: @moiresullivan 

Her first book is here: 
Bump, Bike and Baby is here: 

Moire champions the following women in our chat:
Juliet McGrattan: 
Susie Mitchell (Irish track cyclist): 
Gwen Jorgensen (US Olympic Triathlete) this is her interview with her pelvic health PT on her YouTube channel: 
Carol Morgan (Irish ultra runner):


episode 11: catherine edsell

“Expeditions are my reset button”

Hurray for series 2 at last! 
Excited to get this set of conversations underway with my brilliant guest, expedition leader, yoga teacher, dive master, and Mum to 2 nearly teenagers, Catherine Edsell.
Find out more about Catherine's work here: 
Connect with her on all the socials: @cathadventure

Catherine mentions Dervla Murphy who's book you can find here: 
and also "The Continuum Concept" by Jean Liedloff here: 

Plus take a look at Catherine's brilliant TedXLondon talk here: 


episode 8: marissa bailey

“Stay Amazing”

In this week's episode I talk to the wonderfully inspiring Marisa Bailey, who is a palliative care/rehab Nurse, Personal Trainer and Crossfit enthusiast. 
She talks to me all about how she wanted to change her health future, started crossfit and all the paths that has led her down including giving back to her community, changing the way she treats her patients and wanting to understand her body further by undertaking her PT training.

If you want to find out more about what Crossfit is, link here: 
Find your nearest gym/box here: 
You can check out Marisa's brilliant Instagram page here:


episode 5: emma brockwell

“I get my inspiration from all the women I work with”

In this week's episode I chat to women's health physio, pelvic health campaigner and founder of the Oxted Running Club, Emma Brockwell. 
Emma and I delve into the relative merits of running after giving birth, strengthening as much as running, working out with or without buggies, pelvic floor fitness and much more.
I found this chat super interesting, and Emma's care for postnatal women really shines through.
Find out more about Emma: and you can connect with her @physiomumuk
Here are the links to things we talk about:
Pregnancy Sickness Support Group 
Squeeze App info: 
Pelvic Floor Patrol: 
Pelvic Roar: 

Mimi Anderson 
and her book: 
Jo Pavey's book "This Mum Runs" 
Park Run 


Episode 2: katherine schirrmacher

“Back, but at what cost?”

In this 2nd episode of the podcast I welcome my friend Katherine Schirrmacher, who is an ex pro-climber and now climbing coach and Mum to 7 year old Vanessa. We talk all things Mum guilt, getting back to her pre-natal best but at what cost, and what movement and keeping herself moving really means to her.
You can check out Katherine's website and coaching programmes here: 
and find her on Instagram @katherine_schirrmacher

If you want to find out more about climbing, either search online for your nearest indoor wall to enjoy your first instructed experience, or check out the British Mountaineering Council 

yorkshire rows image.jpg

episode 21: yorkshire rows part 1

“Inspiring you to find your ocean”

Double Episode! 
I’m super happy to round off this 2nd season of the podcast with a brilliant double episode with the women from “Yorkshire Rows” - Helen Butters, Frances Davies, Janette Benaddi, Niki Doeg - a team of formidable working mums who “dared to dream”.
In rowing the Atlantic and setting a world record for the oldest women to row any ocean they set out to put more challenge and adventure in their own lives and make some incredible and unique memories to look back on, but at the same time they knew that by challenging themselves with this particular adventure they would inspire women and men from all over to find their own ocean and dare to dream too.
I think you can hear from the interview how lovely and down to earth these women are but also how brilliant they are at understating their own achievements. I hope you enjoy hearing us talk in this first part about how they got to the start line, what it took to say yes to the idea, come up with the money and who they met along the way.
The two books Frances and Helen mention they read before leaving:
Debra Searle: 
Roz Savage: 
The Kindness of Strangers: 
You can find out more about Yorkshire Rows here: 
Follow them on Instagram: @yorkshirerows
Or on Facebook: @yorkshirerows
See their documentary here on You Tube here: 


episode 18: Dr Juliet McGrattan

“Running and Public Health Communication - my passions”

In this latest episode of the podcast I chat to Dr Juliet McGrattan who is a former-GP, mother of 3, who now works for Public Health England as a Champion of Physical Activity in the NW of England, is the resident health expert for Women’s Running Magazine and UK Run Chat, plus she’s the Women’s Health Lead and Master Coach for the 261 Fearless International network which was set up by Kathrine Switzer. She also wrote “Sorted: The Active Women’s Guide to Health” which won First Prize in the British Medical Association Medical Book Awards this year. Juliet also happens to be a friend of 2 of the brilliant women I’ve already interviewed - Jo Moseley from episode 4 who she knows through the 261 network, and Moire O’Sullivan from episode 14 who she knows through a mutual love of each others work and running!

In this chat we talk about the role of GPs in the promotion of exercise and movement, why Juliet started running and what motivated her to continue with this new found love, how she became involved in the 261 group and the Public Health England role and how she brings her enthusiasm to move and love activity home to her family.

Here is Juliet’s website: 
You can follow her on Instagram: @drjulietmcgrattan
Facebook: @DrJulietMcG

Find out more about the 261 Fearless Group here: 
Katherine Switzer’s book “Marathon Woman”: 


episode 15: nicola bryson

“Pilates, movement, motherhood, work & life”

In this week's episode of the podcast I chat to Nicola Bryson who I first "met" over Instagram watching her move to Hove in Sussex and how she built up her work in a new town and then went to one of her super fun and tough classes on a Sunday morning. 
I think you can hear what a lovely person Nicola is through her enthusiasm, pure love of pilates and generosity of spirit. Nicola teaches retreats, 1-1 sessions, pilates and Barre classes in and around Sussex.

You can find out more about Nicola's classes and retreats here: 
Or follow her on Instagram: @nicolabrysonpilates
Or on Facebook: @nicolahowarthpilates


episode 12: rachel cullen

“Quieting the bastard inner chimp”

In this episode I'm happy to talk to the author of "Running For My Life - A Memoir: how I built a new me one step at a time"; the ex-lawyer, ex-PT, running and cycling Mum of 1, Rachel Cullen. 

In this episode we talk about the highs and lows of social media, body dysmorphia and disordered eating, labelling of kids and their expectations, visibility and self-worth through image, and her relationship with running and cycling. This is a fascinating talk which I hope many will get some great insight from, so take a listen if you're struggling with self image, starting running, or need some motivation to get moving when you just feel a bit rubbish.

We talk about:
Rachel's book: 
Rachel's website: 
or her social handles: @writtenbyrach (twitter and Facebook) or @rachel_running_for_my_life on Instagram
Junior Parkrun: 

If any of the issues raised in the conversation and Rachel's book resonate with you, please find help and support by contacting Mind - The Mental Health Charity: 
or PANDAS Foundation: 


episode 9: seabirds

“My body is more useful and I feel stronger”

In this week's episode I chat to Cat and Kath from Brighton based social enterprise "Seabirds Ltd" - they are an online store selling plastic free, life-enhancing products with fun designs, and they raise money for local charities. 

Run by 3 women who have made a recent connection to the sea through their children's activities, they made the decision not to let the kids have all the fun and actually get in the water themselves. They have been challenging themselves to swim throughout the year and in this chat we talk about the benefits of swimming in the sea, what the water means to them, and why have a higher purpose with your work helps to motivate and inspire.

Here are the links for things we talk about:
Find out about the Seabirds products here: 
Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club: 
Surf Solace Charity: 
More about cold water immersion therapy: 


episode 6: linda stephens

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Brace yourselves, this is a rocky one! Both a mascara warning and a melting heart warning for this beautiful episode with Linda Stephens, who is a yoga teacher based in Farnham, UK with 3 kids and a wealth of experience and knowledge on birth trauma, birth and pregnancy complications and how to rise up stronger from those. 
It is a long episode, but I just couldn't edit out any of the warmth and heart-filled chat! 

We talk about:
One of Many where we met: 
and Linda mentioned "Autobiography of a Yogi" 
Linda can be found here: 
and on Instagram @lindastephens.yogamums 
and Facebook @yogamumsfarnham  


Episode 3: Georgia Mccarthy

“Strengthen from Within”

In this week's episode I geek out pilates style with the totally fabulous Georgia McCarthy from "". We talk about building back your strength post-babies, how to bring strength moves into your day without the stress, and how to transition from "what you were" to "how awesome you are now".

Georgia's programme - both the free channel and the online subscription library can be found 
And you can connect with Georgia on Instagram where she shares many short workouts here: @pilatesbygeorgia