Before your classes I had never attended a Pilates class before and lacked the confidence to join a larger group. However after throwing myself into running and other cardio activities for years trying to pick up where I left off pre kids, my body (unsurprisingly!) just couldn’t cope and it was recommended to me to start balancing out my exercise with Pilates or yoga. It’s totally changed my mindset to what exercise can be and opened up a much more healthy approach. Your classes are so informative, so relaxed and so importantly are tailored towards the individuals that come to you.
— Emma

Group Mat Classes

Group Mat Classes are held on Thursday evenings in the Profiles Wellbeing Studio.

I teach a style of matwork pilates called Garuda, it's a beautiful flowing style that often comprises a lot of standing work enabling a fully functional workout.  I've found the best part is that you really get lots of juicy movement from the spine and ribs which helps you to feel more free and gets the abdominals firing by giving them something to do while your body is moving.  There is plenty of mobility work built into flowing sequences so working those muscles is balanced with keeping the joints flexible.

Classes run every Thursday evening in half termly blocks - this term the dates are from September 5th to December 19th with no class on 31st October.  

Cost £10 per class when you book a block for the term.

All new clients must attend a 1-1 introductory session before starting the group classes, please contact me for availability.

Class times:

7:00 - 7:45pm More Beginner Level Class - for those who haven't done any pilates before, or won't feel so confident in a class that flows, or have any pain issues including those who are within 1 year post-natal.  This class will aim to build your strength steadily, within your capabilities and working with any challenges you have. 

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7:50 - 8:35pm More Progressed/Intermediate Class - for those who have some experience of pilates in any style, can move OK and are interested in getting stronger through a progressive class.  If you can only manage to get to this class due to timing, please don't worry about being left behind, I will always be able to give alternatives to every exercise and give you directions to enable you to work with the whole class.

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I really enjoy classes with Kathryn. She is a great teacher, giving clear guidance on all the moves and helping you out if you aren’t quite getting it right. Kathryn always adapts moves if you have any special requirements and I feel I’ve become much stronger since working with her. The classes are nice and small and you have plenty of space.
— Lynn