Online access and support to Core Exercise Solutions


Online access and support to Core Exercise Solutions

60.00 every month

This is for the online subscription for Core Exercise Solutions with support given by me. The service renews every month unless you cancel. If you do cancel your online access will be removed at the end of the full amount of time you have currently paid for.

Please email me with any questions:


This package includes complete online access to the Core Exercise Solutions programme including the specialist short programmes: Happy Hips, Strong Glutes and Abs, Diastasis Fix, Pelvic Floor Perfect and Posture Perfect, plus the full extensive programme of Mom Fit and 1/2 in person or online check in each month to go over any issues or challenges you are having.

I will support you personally every week either through email or questions/self-videoing over Facebook and add to this in the sessions you do with me, plus I will give you a 1/2 hour approx run through of the website and whole system for working out daily at home. We can discuss your needs and which programme to start with and make sure you have all you need to get started.

Once you have signed up here you will receive a link to sign up online, you will need to pay $1 on the Core Exercise Solutions website as that is just the way it works for them. You will also receive an invitation from me to join a closed Facebook group through which I can help support you.

T’s & C’s:

  • You will only have access to the CES website and your programme while you are still in a client relationship with me, if you stop paying or are unable to continue your online membership will be cancelled.

  • I budget for around 1/2 hour per week in support, please respect that.

  • Your progress is dependent on your application to the process, I know this works as I am doing it myself and I’ve made vast improvements, however I will not make any claims to success or levels of improvement as this is down to you.

  • I will always provide you with a safe space to work from and feel supported, I feel that working out daily at home is the best way to help yourself get stronger, however if you feel that I am not living up to your expectations of support or the programme isn’t I will happily and with no judgement discuss it with you.