Day 18 - a nap workout

Monday, Day 18 - The next day we had decided that we were going to leave super early to get past Geneva traffic and out into Switzerland so we could have as much of a full day here as possible.  This brilliant plan, well executed by leaving at 6am was only hampered by realising 1 1/2 hours in to the drive that we had left the iPads and their shoes back in the B&B!!  The horror of lasting a full journey with the Ginger Nut screaming at us about wanting to watch something was just too much so we had to turn back, although luckily my cousin was coming half way anyway for work so we only had to drive 1 1/2 hours longer than it should have taken!!  After a wonderful drive full of jaw dropping mountains and lakes to view we arrived via Interlaken to our campsite in Lauterbrunnen, a beauty of a spot surrounded by waterfalls in a deep valley with the Swiss Alps looming above us.  It’s not exactly a peaceful campsite, with tents and vans packed in like sardines so a massive change from the acres of space we had around us in France but there’s tons to do in the area and such a lively landscape we can forgive all that!  

By the time we had got there, pitched our tent and sorted all our stuff out I was exhausted, and despite being in this beautiful area I had no inclination to go and do anything - always a sure sign to me that I actually need a nap rather than getting any more grumpy!  In week 10 of my programme we talk about napping, how awesome it is for you, and how to get the best out of a 10 minute cat nap.  I’m sure you’ll also recognise the feeling of how completely great you feel after a little afternoon nap, but I also recognise that many women feel there are so many other things they can be doing and having a nap is a waste.  I say completely the opposite, and actually having a nap makes you way more productive, opens your creativity up and of course helps you to be far more resilient to the daily stuff that we have to deal with - this is the useful stuff you learn when living with a Sleep Doctor - Dr Guy loves a good afternoon nap too.  I always encourage my clients to be brave and let go of the need to sort all the stuff in the house first rather than taking time to give yourself what you need, especially in those wonderful moments when your baby (if you have one) goes to sleep and you have a quiet house; honestly, the washing/hoovering/emailing/bill paying can wait!

Once I’d slept a bit however, I found it hard on that first day to contemplate doing a workout as there isn’t any extra space so I’d be doing it in front of anyone who wanted to watch.  I gave myself the excuse that I’d work it out the next day and have to make up for it somehow.