Day 17 - Lac Du Bourget paradise

Sunday, Day 17 - Yesterday we had left Avignon just after lunch to move on to visit my cousin in a small village near Annecy.  Rather fortunately she has a great friend who owns a beautiful B&B next door and so we stayed there as they don’t have enough room for an extra family to stay.  In the morning we got up and had a good mooch around the house and garden, then took the family dog with us for a long walk in the streets and woods nearby, I then struggled through a conversation with my cousins’ neighbour in French before they were all up and ready to see us.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and her family so it was wonderful to catch up and to see Big La La get on with her youngest daughter who is 1 year older even though they can’t understand each other.  We went swimming in the beautiful Lac Du Bourget nearby and after a glass of rosé or two, a dip in the lake and lots of sunbathing, a workout was far from my mind.  A lovely fun day and I wasn’t going to make myself feel guilty for it.