Day 10 - Prepared to make it work this time!

Sunday, Day 10 - we are packing up again, and again I want to do a session as this time I really know I won’t be able to fit anything in later tonight.  We are driving over the border to France going to a campsite in the Languedoc region which is about 4 hours away, so by the time we've left Barcelona, driven there, put up our tents and unpacked everything I’ll be too knackered to do anything.  So this time I was prepared - I packed most of our stuff last night, I had the bags that were ready all by the door, all the laundry was dried or just a few bits left to put away, and anything that needed doing was really obvious.  I was up at 7am with the kids and finished all the bits I needed to pack straight away, then my husband finished packing the food from the kitchen and fed the kids while I do my workout for today.  Strength and circuit today so I did the strength first - it’s the best way round as all the bits you work on in the strength round activate and switch on ready to work harder in the circuit.  If you could do that every time it would be brilliant but let’s face it, who has about 40 mins a day to exercise? Not me that’s for sure!  


Here are the exercises:
Strength 12 reps each x 4 rounds:
1)Pull back and press down with long band
2)Twist and punch with band
3)Upper back extension over ball to flat (not curl up)
4)Combo waddle and squat with mini band





Circuit - 30 secs on 10 secs off x 3 rounds:
1) Side lunge to kick up
2) Press ups modified anyway you are able
3) Single leg squat
4) Sprawl
5) Squat to calf raise

So I worked through the whole lot with the inevitable stoppages for kids, packing, answering questions, stopping fights etc etc.  Then jumped into the shower, threw down some eggs and weird bits of extra stuff from the fridge that we didn’t want to take with us and scooped up all the rest of the bits we needed to pack.  We were all ready to leave at 9am and super happy to get on the road and out into the countryside.