26 Days of Workouts - A European Journey

My family and I are off on a little road trip for a month in Europe - seems luxurious but it's also our way of reconnecting with each other after a ridiculously busy and tumultuous year, plus it's the first time my husband and I have been able to abuse the fact we are both self-employed and have some down time during August.  In the run up to going away and the end of school term for my kids I was very sedentary in comparison to how much I need and want because of how much computer work I had to do with my new website and videos. I had decided long ago this month was going to be full of movement and mobility, natural moving around in lots of different positions and finding natural challenges for my strength.

Aside from the daily natural movement, I was also determined to come back stronger than I left so as my conditioning programme is so appropriate to me as it's abs safe and works all the bits I need I decided to do the whole 12 weeks condensed into the month we are away - a new workout every day progressing through from start to finish. Here's my journey (literally) so if you're committing to an intensive workout programme lets go along this road together (ok I'll try and stop with the travel metaphors now!).

Day 1, 2 and 3
Friday, Day 1 - After having a play around on the ship over from Portsmouth as much as possible to keep moving and not thinking about the rocking and rolling of the boat, we arrived in Bilbao and slept off all the sea sickness and travel tiredness. The only movement challenge I managed to do the next day was carry the ginger nut around when he got too tired - always on my back or front, never on my hip - which is a good enough challenge considering he's nearly 5 and a bit of a lump! We went to the beach so that's always lots of different movements but then I also lay around reading my book a lot!